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Patricia Chandler

Carini Cleaning & Restoration owner Louie Carini has been fantastic in handling all our water damage and mold remediation procedures. He was very helpful in helping us handle the insurance part of our claim.

Atlantic Pacific Property

Anthony Torregianni

Louie Carini handled several of my water damage claims and has been great! Very knowledgeable in his line of work. Was very prompt and efficient.

Sal D'Aquisto Real Estate

Kevin Sweeney

Louie Carini of CCR has been providing water damage mold remediation, fire damage and odor investigation services in all our fourteen different sites since 1996. Louie was very helpful in handling the property claim with our insurance company. We've been very happy for over 20 years.

San Diego Youth Services

Kathy and Pete Virissimo

Louie handled all of the water, mold, and air quality issues brought on in regards to our claim. We have and will keep referring Carini's to anyone in regard to any of his services. Thanks, Louie!